SES 4.5 AR

The wheel that first merged aero with high volume tires, designed to make you faster on all road surfaces. Proven on the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix.

• Intended Use: Road, All-Road
• Inner rim width: 25mm
• Aero Optimized Tire Size: 27 – 32c
• Tubeless-only
• Starting at $2,550

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If you prefer higher-volume road tires and disc brakes, but still want to go as fast as possible, these are the wheels you want.





wide for grip, wide for aero

The distinguishing feature of all SES rims is that the front and rear rims are designed specifically for their respective positions on the bike. The front rim is shallower and wider than the rear to maximize stability ensuring rider confidence. The rear rim is deeper to maximize air flow reduction. In the case of the SES AR rims shapes, they have been optimized for 28-32mm tires with 28mm tires providing the maximum drag reduction and highest performance handling characteristics.

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Additionally, we at ENVE view aerodynamics through the lens of the real world rider and focus our development efforts to provide real benefits to our customers, not just the data output from the wind tunnel. As an example, SES AR rim shapes were tested at 32kph/20mph as well as the more traditional 48kph/30mph to ensure that aero efficiencies are maximized at the speeds where rider’s need them most.



At ENVE, we do a lot more than just slap decals over the brake track and lace the same rim to a disc hub. Drawing on our expertise gained developing the world’s best mountain bike wheels, our disc-specific road rims are fully optimized for the format. Freed from the constraints of a heat-proof carbon braking surface, the optimal construction of a road wheel can be reconsidered. The result is a rim that is even lighter, stronger and faster than our standard-setting, group test-winning rim brake wheels. Carbon brake tracks dictate a lot of rim design. By taking them away and re-engineering the rim we have improved the lateral stiffness, the impact resistance and the weight by 40-60g per rim. While disc hubs mean that total wheelset weights will remain near identical between rim and disc brake wheelsets, the disc brake wheelset will feel more responsive in acceleration, steering and braking because the mass has been shifted from the rim (higher rotational inertia) to the hub (lower rotational inertia).

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Need To Know

• Disc-specific construction with no brake tracks
• Rims are lighter by 40-60g per rim
• Impact resistance increased
• Greater lateral stiffness