ENVE x Scicon AeroComfort TSA 3.0 Road Bike Case

Weight: 10.5 Kg
External Dimensions: 115x95x28 cm



The ENVE x Scicon AeroComfort TSA 3.0 Road is a soft-sided bike case made for the traveling road or gravel cyclist. In as little as five-minutes, your bike can be packed, and you can be heading to the airport with your bike in tow. The unique design allows the handlebars and saddle to remain in place, with the wheels being the only components needing removal. Secure front and rear axle mounts for quick release and thru-axle bikes ensure the best protection possible. The case includes separate wheel compartments in addition to extra pockets, a gear bag, and a storage bag for your case when you arrive at your destination. Finally, each case features subtle ENVE logos on the wheel compartments, setting it apart from the rest.

Product SKU:800-0000-400