Strong, light, stiff and aero – you want it all and so do we. It’s what drives us every day and it’s why our wheels and components receive so many rave reviews from owners, racers and the media.

We won’t ever compromise materials, processes, or performance to hit a price point. There’s no lower tier. You’re not buying a brand name or an image, you’re buying engineered excellence. If it says ENVE, it’s because it’s the very best it can be.

We’re proud to manufacture our rims and wheelsets by hand in Ogden, Utah, USA but not simply out of patriotism. At ENVE, everything related to our rim and wheel production is under the roof of our new state-of-the-art facility: manufacturing, assembly, design, R&D, our test lab, customer support and the business team. These capabilities under one roof give us unmatched levels of visibility, control and connectivity that would be impossible under any different circumstances.

How light, strong, stiff and aero? Just the right amount. Our SES road wheels combine these attributes to an extent that is literally without rival. They are blazingly fast thanks to advanced, wind tunnel-developed aerodynamics and their exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratios enable electrifying acceleration and handling response. What’s more, at every depth they redefine aero wheel stability in strong crosswinds to such an extent that you barely notice the wind, let alone worry about it.
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And our mountain wheels? In 2010 they were the first carbon wheels ever ridden to victory in a World Cup DH and then in 2017 they took the first World Cup DH win for a carbon 29” wheel. In between, there were World Championships too, all under legendary rider Greg Minnaar. We’re hugely proud of these achievements and the many more across all disciplines but even more proud that our M-Series wheels continually amaze professional team mechanics and riders at all levels with their reliable durability.
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At ENVE, we challenge the status quo and do not fear the trail untraveled. Our free-thinking has resulted in numerous patented technologies that result in faster, stronger, lighter, and more aero wheels and components, including SES unequal rim depths, molded spoke holes and our game-changing molded textured brake tracks.

‘Win on Sunday, sell on Monday’ goes the old adage from motor racing and of course that’s half of the reasoning why we sponsor professional squads such as Commencal Downhill Team and Eolo-Kometa Pro Cycling. But the other half is to put current and future ENVE products through the toughest of tests, ensuring we have unequaled durability that allows you to enjoy riding your best wheels all the time. Race on Sunday, ride on Monday. And every other day, too. ENVE are the original everyday race wheels.
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We have great confidence in our product and we want you to have the same, so we offer an exceptional Incidental Damage Protection and Factory Limited Warranty. If something goes wrong or isn’t meeting your expectations just call us. A real person will answer the phone, happy to talk to you. We don’t take your investment in performance for granted. Our customers are family and that’s how we promise to always treat you.
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“I never gave much thought to wheels, or at least I never thought they would make such a huge improvement in my riding experience. I’ll just say that I will be on ENVE wheels for life!!!! Worth every penny and then some.” Taylor R


“They are the only wheels I want to use for the rest of my cycling career. The width makes 25mm tires feel like they can be ridden on any terrain, increase stability, and allow you to drop pressure when the roads are wet. The new braking surface is amazing. The only carbon braking surface that feels like an aluminum brake track, in both wet and dry conditions.” Joel Fletcher, Portland, OR, USA


“Just finished a five-hour ride and these are the fastest wheels I have ever ridden. They have great stiffness and yet they are fairly plush for a deep wheel. Great job on these wheels guys. I would recommend them to everyone no matter what type of riding you do.” Kevin Kruger, Carlsbad, CA, USA


“Initially they felt awkward, after several weeks, my traditional bars feel cumbersome. Thanks Enve, spoiled again with your unique quality.” Bobc, Houston, TX, USA