Orbea Enduro Team’s First Ride with ENVE

March 8th, 2018


Endlessly challenging for riders and hugely popular with fans, the Enduro World Series pitches gravity racers against fierce and varied terrain all over the globe. The multi-stage races are the perfect proving ground for ENVE products that are tuned to handle and perform at the top level of the sport. No one demands more from their equipment than an EWS racer, and no one can benefit more from the confidence of riding the new M Series.

While we have long sponsored EWS racers, in 2018 we’re stepping it up with a new focus and a commitment to a full factory race program. Our new M7 wheels, which promise pinch-flat free riding, will be put to the test on the harshest tracks, where we hope to further validate this incredible new technology and show the world what the future of MTB wheels looks like.


The team held a test camp recently in Spain for four riders – Thomas Lapeyrie, Becky Cook, Gabriel Torralba and Javier San Román – to test and fine tune their new equipment ahead of the 2018 EWS season. Here are some of their comments after their first taste of their new M7 wheels.

Gabriel: “The ENVEs are much more stable without feeling so rigid. For me, that is much faster. I rode the wheels for the first time in December and rode them all last month. I believe they are the best wheels I’ve ever ridden.”

Becky: “I’ve always been on the higher side [of tire pressure], just to be cautious really. It’s definitely good to be able to experiment with going lower.”

Through all of our development and testing, our team was pleased to remain flat-free and to see that our patented ENVE Protective Rim Strip provides the protection and durability the team needs, as well as a balanced ride feel that is only earned through our carbon fiber crafting experience. New lines, faster speeds, and more control all equate to a growing sense of confidence and excitement about the season ahead.

Thomas: “I feel more relaxed riding with these wheels. I don’t have any problems with the wheels, and I feel that they’re still comfortable.”

Javi: “I’m gaining so much confidence in the rocks now.”

Follow along with us throughout the season here, and at Orbea, as we tackle the Enduro World Series together and continue to push mountain bikes and wheels on all parts of the world.