How to choose The Right ENVE Carbon Road Handlebar

January 29th, 2023

At ENVE, we believe providing a wide array of handlebar options allows riders to hone in on the best riding experience for the bike on which it’s installed. With many different styles and sizes, we’re able to cater to all riders, their different bikes, and their unique needs.

All of our handlebars have been updated to accommodate internal routing to ensure compatibility with nearly any design on the market. The addition of a cable port in the rear of the handlebar provides the ability to upgrade your stock handlebars to our Compact Road, SES Aero, AR, or Gravel Handlebars for those with modern internal routing.

There are a few constants to consider when sizing an ENVE handlebar. Every handlebar we produce offers a small amount of flare. By flare, we’re specifically referencing the amount of splay on the handlebar from where the shifter is mounted to where the drops end at the bottom of the handlebar. The amount of flare varies with each handlebar’s intended application to improve the rider’s experience.

When sizing a handlebar, it’s best to use your shoulder blade width or acromion process as a starting point. This is the very top point of your shoulder bone.

From there, you can size up or down depending on what you’re familiar with, your comfort level, or the intended purpose and use of the bike. For the road bike racer, often sizing down and going with a narrower bar is a more aerodynamic setup. For the gravel racer, sizing up allows for a wider stance and more control on rough terrain while added compliance reduces fatigue over long distances.

The SES Aero Road Handlebar was developed with the help of aerodynamicist Simon Smart in the Mercedes-Benz Formula One wind tunnel. By reducing frontal drag, and having a very narrow width at the hoods, this bar is ideal if you are a crit racer, breakaway specialist, or triathlete. This handlebar is designed for one thing – efficiency.

Available in 4 sizes, the drops flare 2.5cm on each side. The bar size is taken by measuring the width at the very bottom of the drops. Therefore, the sizing appears as such:

40cm = 35cm at the hoods, 40cm in the drops
42cm = 37cm at the hoods, 42cm in the drops
44cm = 39cm at the hoods, 44cm in the drops
46cm = 41cm at the hoods, 46cm in the drops

Measurement at hoods, and corresponding measurement at drops shown

Available in Compact geometries, the ENVE Road Handlebar is our most beloved, and one of our longest-running products. The shaping and ergonomics have stood the test of time, and the ride feel is comfortable on any bike. The amount of flare this handlebar has is minimal but still provides enough to be comfortable and confidence-inspiring when riding in the drops.

Available in 5 sizes, the drops flare 1cm on each side. The size is taken by measuring the width from the hoods, and appears as such:

38cm = 38cm at the hoods, 40cm in the drops
40cm = 40cm at the hoods, 42cm in the drops
42cm = 42cm at the hoods, 44cm in the drops
44cm = 44cm at the hoods, 46cm in the drops
46cm = 46cm at the hoods, 48cm in the drops

Our newest handlebar, the SES AR, or “all-road” handlebar was designed for the modern road rider who explores the road-less-traveled. The SES AR Bar was developed in CFD and proven in the wind tunnel to reduce drag, while hidden cable routing and integrated capabilities further enhance drag reduction. With 2.35cm of flare at each drop and a refined layup, this bar provides a wider stance for greater confidence and comfort when riding and descending technical terrain.

Available in 6 sizes, we recommend most riders start with their preferred handlebar width. Consider sizing up if you’re riding more gravel or mixed-surface terrain. Size down if paved roads and maximum aero performance is your priority. The SES AR bar is measured from the hoods and appears as such:

38cm = 38cm at the hoods, 43cm at the drops
40cm = 40cm at the hoods, 45cm at the drops
42cm = 42cm at the hoods, 47cm at the drops
44cm = 44cm at the hoods, 49cm at the drops

The G Series Gravel Bar was purpose-built to help riders on gravel bikes achieve more control, confidence, and comfort. With a huge amount of flare and unique shaping on the top portion of the bar, you have more hand positions available for long days in the saddle. With 6cm of flare on each side, the drops become a viable position for riding rough terrain for long periods of time The G Series handlebar also benefits from a refined carbon lay-up that provides more co