July 12th, 2023

The 2023 ENVE GRODEO weekend is all wrapped up, and like the previous years, it showcased some absolute works of art by names like Mosaic, Ritte, Chumba, Bordure, and a lot more.

In a two-part journal series, we bring all the gorgeous builds straight to your screen. Take a look and admire the well-thought-out details of these artisan bikes that some very talented hands helped create.


Portland, Oregon

“For over a decade, Breadwinner Cycles has been custom designing bikes for riders who love to put miles in each and every day, rain or shine,  pavement or dirt. With mainstream road bike offerings looking more identical by the year we asked ourselves if all the aero, cable integration, drop-seatstays, and complicated micro-suspension actually make for a better riding experience. We set out to push our best-selling A-Road further along as the ultimate road platform for real-world, everyday ownership. Based on our made-in-house steel forks, this new custom-only version of the A-Road absolutely sings with 32-38mm road tires on carbon wheels like the ENVE SES 4.5.  Whether your day-to-day riding takes you on perfect pavement, less-than-ideal chip seal, or primitive gravel, this A-Road brings its A-game.”

– Breadwinner Cycles


Austin, Texas

“Our ENVE show bike is the Sendero Steel down country 29er in a new 3-tone cerakote paint layout with a paint-matched fork and stem. The colors are light green and slate blue with a gold color shift over both when the light hits just right. The graphics are metallic cobalt. The Sendero is suited to everything from trail riding on singletrack to earning the Triple Crown* Single speed course record. The goal of the Sendero is to be a fast, but very playful all-day bike. Last year we made a few updates: slacker geometry and tubing changes. It is designed for 130mm suspension to rigid mountain forks, single speed, 1x drivetrains, and now the new SRAM Transmission all via modular PMW sliding dropout inserts. The max tire is 29×2.6″ or 27.5×2.8”. All of our bikes can be uniquely built with a wide array of frame customizations, colorways, and complete or partial custom component configurations.

– Chumba

*Total time of Tour Divide, CTR and AZTR all in one year, thanks to Andrew Strempke for that feat in 2022! 


Panache Road
Titanium / SLM / Carbon

Epernay, France