ENVE Rides Into UNBOUND Gravel – These Are Their Rigs

May 21st, 2021

Since 2017 ENVE has made the annual pilgrimage out to Emporia, Kansas, for the event that helped put gravel on the world scene, UNBOUND. Last year’s COVID interruption was a disappointment but only reinforced our desire to be back out there. In addition to being in the expo helping racers find their ideal tire pressure with our Air Stations that will be set up at our booth, a handful of us will also be lining up to tackle the day and experience the Flint Hills. What’s our setup of choice? Read on to see what we’re running and why. 

Jake Pantone – VP of Product, 2x UNBOUND 200 Finisher

“With a couple of DKs under my belt, I’m excited to complete a third. I’ve felt very fortunate to have two races and finishes, considering how many things can go sideways out there. For the 2021 edition, I’m rolling on Ventum’s new GS1. Ventum is best known for their triathlon bikes but has slowly been adding models, including a road model and the new GS1 gravel machine. What I love about this bike is the full internal routing of the hoses and wires. While this feature gives the bike a very clean aesthetic, it also means all my wires and hoses are protected and less prone to damage in the event of a crash or some adventurous bushwhacking. Another cool feature of the GS1 is that adjustable fork offset, which allows the rider to tune the handling of the bike to suit their terrain and ride style. To complete my build, I opted for the trusty Shimano GRX drivetrain and G Series accouterments—a G23 wheelset and 44cm handlebar. Other accessories include Wolf Tooth’s modular B-RAD system and King Ti cages. With this setup, I can confidently set out on any gravel adventure.”

Frameset: Ventum GS1
Wheels: ENVE G23
Tires: IRC Boken, 40mm
Stem: ENVE Integrated
Handlebar: ENVE Gravel Handlebar
Drivetrain: Shimano GRX, 42t chainring, 11-40t XTR cassette
Accessories: Garmin 820, King Ti cages, Camelbak Chase Vests, Wolf Tooth B-RAD System w/ .6L bag holding emergency repair supplies

Neil Shirley – Marketing Manager, 5x UNBOUND 200 Finisher

“In 2019, I was able to join the 1,000-mile club with my fifth UNBOUND 200 finish, so it’s fair to say I’m not too fussed over the details anymore since I’ve got things fairly dialed at this point. As always, reducing the potential for issues is key, as is being able to fix just about anything if an issue does arise. I spend a lot of time on my Holland gravel bike, so I’m confident in how it will perform. It’s simply just ensuring the tires are topped off with Orange Seal, and I have my Lezyne multi-tool and pump that can get me out of nearly any jam. Everything on the bike is chosen purposefully to ensure durability and comfort for such a massive day. With that peace of mind in my equipment, it’s kind of stress-free—all I need to worry about is pedaling.”

Frameset: Holland Titanium w/ ENVE Gravel Fork
Wheels: ENVE AG25
Tires: 40mm
Stem: ENVE Stem
Seatpost: Dropper Seatpost
Handlebar: ENVE Gravel Handlebar
Drivetrain: Shimano GRX, 40t chainring, 10-42t SRAM cassette 
Accessories: Lezyne Mega GPS, King Ti cages, Lezyne pump, Dark Speed top tube bag

Ike Pantone – Test Operations Manager, 1x UNBOUND 200 Finisher

“What an exciting year to participate in the UNBOUND Gravel event and experience the endless beautiful Kansas countryside. I’ll be riding the pinnacle of gravel bikes—the OPEN x ENVE WIDE Limited Edition. The comfort, fit, and aggressive DNA provides the perfect bike need for long gravel days such as the Unbound 200 and immediately won me over. To add to my comfort, the OPEN gravel rig is 3.5 lbs lighter than my previous bike, which will be so appreciated on the short, steep climbs throughout the Flint Hills. Whether I’m trying to stay upright on a steep climb out of a water-filled gully or navigating eye-watering descents, I’ve got the setup to conquer whatever Kansas has to throw at me.”

Frameset: ENVE x OPEN WIDE w/ ENVE Adventure Fork
Wheels: ENVE G23
Tires: 40mm
Stem: ENVE Road
Handlebar: ENVE Gravel Handlebar
Seatpost: ENVE Seatpost 
Drivetrain: Shimano GRX, 40t chainring, 10-42t SRAM cassette 
Accessories: Wolf Tooth B-Rad mount w/ Teklite Roll top bag, SNEK handlebar bag, King Ti cages, Blackburn Big Switch multi tool.

Spencer John – Junior Web Developer, UNBOUND Rookie 

“This being my second year riding gravel events, I am stoked to tackle the UNBOUND 100. Though my frame may be off-brand, the components attached to it are top-tier, and you have to admit the custom paint makes up for it. The fact that I have components like the ENVE Gravel Handlebar and the M525 gives me confidence that I will be able to endure the long day on the flint-riddled roads. The next piece to the UNBOUND puzzle are the tires. I am going with the Maxxis Ravager Silk Shield 40c. Adding a little weight in the form of durable tires to help avoid flats will be worth it in the long run. And finally, my drivetrain and brakes. My SRAM Rival 1 groupset is aged like a fine wine, having seen a few different frames and disciplines over the years. Because my groupset is a little aged and money is tight at times, I decided to keep the cables and go for a hybrid setup on the brakes with TRP’s HY-ROAD calipers.”

Frameset: Lightcarbon Addict
Wheels: ENVE M525
Tires: Maxxis Ravager 40c +Silkshield 
Stem: ENVE Road
Handlebar: ENVE Gravel Handlebar
Seatpost: ENVE Seatpost 
Drivetrain: SRAM Rival 1 Group, 42t chainring, 11-42t cassette 
Accessories: SNEK Handlebar bag, Ortlieb saddle bag, MSW PC-110 cages