ENVE’s Gravel Guide

From the smooth dirt roads of Colorado’s SBT GRVL to the unforgiving Flint Hills of Unbound, gravel events have never been so popular. With this boom, we hear many questions about what equipment – wheel, tire size, and even bike type – riders should take on these adventures. The first thing to note is that […]

Staying Fit and Staying Inside

Photos by Trainer Road Although this year is off to a turbulent start with the COVID-19 Pandemic and many of our favorite events becoming canceled, it’s no reason to stop riding your bike altogether. Despite this situation, we feel fortunate that our favorite pastime promotes a healthy lifestyle can be enjoyed in isolation, while staying […]

Pinch Flats,
The Ultimate Buzzkill

You’re in the zone, finding flow, tuned out but completely tuned in to your ride… Then bam, rim and rock collide, slicing through rubber enroute to their union, leaving both you and your tire deflated on the side of the trail. This notorious type of flat tire is known as a pinch-flat or snake-bite, and […]

What’s With the Internal Nipples?

So what’s the deal with those internal nipples? This is a question we hear from our customers on a regular basis. To explain ENVE’s use of internal nipples, it is first important to understand how we arrived at the decision to produce rims that utilize internal spoke nipples. Since day one, our goal at ENVE […]

SES Disc Brake Technology

The SES Disc wheel family represents the combination of the latest SES aero technologies and ENVE mountain wheel technologies to create the fastest, most stable and durable, disc brake specific aero road wheels in the industry. SES Disc brake wheels are: Developed to deliver real-world speed and stability Optimized for use with disc brakes and […]

ENVE Partners With “Queen of Pain” Rebecca Rusch

The word epic is used loosely these days, yet if there’s one person who truly epitomizes the term it would be none other than the “Queen of Pain” herself, Rebecca Rusch. From crushing course records at endurance events, to riding up Mt. Kilimanjaro, to being the first cyclist to complete the 1,200-mile Ho Chi Minh […]

Heli-Biking the Kiwi Backcountry

Photos by Graeme Murray To most, New Zealand is best known for providing the dramatic setting for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. To the adventuring outdoorsman, skier, and mountain biker it’s the southern hemisphere’s Mecca. Curiously enough, New Zealand sits an equal distance from the equator as many of the best riding regions in […]

ENVE @ 10: Top 10 Photographs

As we come to the end of our 10th anniversary year, we’re looking back at some of the great things to happen along the way. Here are ENVE’s top 10 photographs of the year. 1) Greg Minnaar wins UCI World Cup DH, Fort William June 2017 Photo by: Dave TrumporeSometimes it seems Greg Minnaar couldn’t help […]

How Team Dimension Data Manages Rider Wellness

In 2014, just as ENVE was looking for a special team to sponsor, one with a true purpose beyond results, Team Dimension Data principle Doug Ryder asked his riders which wheels they wanted to ride the following season. ‘ENVE,’ they told him. It was a perfect match and a true partnership was born, one that […]

ENVE @ 10: Top 10 Innovations

As we come to the end of our 10th anniversary year, we’re looking back at some of the great things to happen along the way. When free-thinking design meets leading carbon fiber expertise, great things happen. Here are ENVE’s top 10 innovations of the last 10 years. Pinch-flats suck, and so do ride-numbing heavy tires and […]