The New Oregon Trail

Photos By Adam Lapierre What’s a little sand, cold weather, and maybe even some snow drifts when you’re talking about a gravel adventure? The inaugural 5-day Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder took the whole gravel scene by storm with point-to-point stages challenging riders on terrain that stretched their abilities while covering a historic route where few cyclists had previously […]

A History of Winning Fort William

Photos by Dave Trumpore Fort William, endearingly referred to as Fort Bill, is widely regarded as one of the toughest, rockiest, and most unforgiving race courses on the UCI Downhill World Cup circuit. A staple in the downhill world, this event has been on the schedule since 2002. While it’s not the longest course racers will […]

Bike Builders for Trail Builders

Each year Builders for Builders gives away a dream bike from one of five custom builders. Stinner Frameworks, Sklar Bikes, Mosaic Cycles, McGovern Cycles and Argonaut Cycles have teamed up to benefit the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. The winning bike will truly be one-of-a-kind, outfitted with a custom paint job, ENVE wheels and cockpit, made […]

A Triathlete’s Guide To Gravel

Photos by Mark Sampson Gravel riding and racing continue to grow each year by attracting cyclists from other segments, making it a melting pot of road riders, mountain bikers, cross racers, and now more than ever, triathletes. The reasons why we see so many road riders and mountain bikes opting for gravel events is fairly clear, but […]

Along For The Ride at The Sea Otter Classic

Somehow, even into the 28th year of the Sea Otter Classic, the event continues to grow and pull in more exhibitors and athletes. It’s a true melting pot of almost all of the cycling disciplines where regardless of whether you’re riding flat bar or drop bar bikes, there’s something for everyone. From competition to fun […]

Garmin DK Entry Winners Announced

The 2019 DK start list just grew by 10 people. Thanks to the DK entry giveaway promotion we did, ten additional riders now have the opportunity to line up for the gravel event that has become the measuring stick for all others. Winners have been notified and are hopefully beginning preparations for their ride through […]

For The Love Of Cycling

At ENVE, nearly every free moment is spent on the bike, whether it’s in our dreams, at the first light of the day, or the golden hour before we have to break out the lights, our goal is saddle time. On this crisp morning, we set out for dawn patrol in the desert. As the […]

What We Learned at Camp
The Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp

Photos by Danny MunsonThere’s still nearly three months until the 8th edition of the Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) rolls out of San Diego, but that doesn’t mean a number of riders haven’t already kicked off their preparations. In mid-January, we attended the BWR Survival Camp with 30 other campers who were looking to get course intel and guidance from the camp’s […]

Will Travel For Gravel

In what’s become an annual tradition, each January we travel to some warm and sunny location in search of gravel roads and a respite from the snow of Ogden, Utah, for Gravel Camp. Last year it was Scottsdale, Arizona, which delivered an endless array of roads of the unpaved variety and gravel bike-friendly singletrack. This […]

ENVE Heads to the Belgian Waffle Ride

Photos by Danny Munson and Pinned Grit On Cinco de Mayo, the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride will roll into its 8th year and this time ENVE will be at the party as the official wheel and handlebar partner. A number of us here at ENVE have already experienced the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride and enjoyed the numerous challenges it threw our […]