2021 ENVE Builder Round-Up Part 2

July 28th, 2021

Welcome back to the 2021 ENVE Builder Round-Up. We’ve increased the number of Builder Bikes at our show to 36. You’ll find the second 20 bikes below and the other 16 in Part 1. Now, sit back, grab a cold one, and dive into the coverage of the Builder Bikes, Part One. Check back to watch each video and hear from the builder as they walk you through each intricate detail of their build.

Bozeman, Montana

Specializing in dirt-focused titanium and steel bikes, Sklar offers both fully customized bicycles and three non-custom geometry, built-to-order models. This bike joins the Sweet Spot trail hardtail and PBJ touring bike as the Super Something – a versatile gravel and light touring bike that can be set up with gears, single-speed, big tires or small, drop bars or risers. A true all-arounder. 

Toronto, Canada

Founded in 1969, Mariposa continues to be a family-run business specializing in lugged and fillet brazed steel frames. The building technique hasn’t changed over the years, but the materials are now available for a lighter, better riding frame. This show bike is designed for lightweight, adventure bike-packing. Using Columbus tubing, it’s made for long rides or multi-day trips with a Dynamo hub to run lights and charge devices. In addition, it features an ENVE Adventure Fork, AG25 wheels, and can accommodate fenders. 

Naked Bicycles
Quadra Island, Canada

This is the latest in Naked’s experimental phase and is built around the pure joy of it. It’s built to pay homage to the original adventure bike and to play around with what is possible. Naked took it to the extreme with a very long wheelbase, figuring out how it works for aggressive riding and bike packing, Adventure Fork, built around. Dropper post, a really versatile platform for any setup. It’s the old repack days.

Santa Monica, California

With the help of Tom Kellogg, Ritte brings the brand new Satyr titanium bike that’s made to handle the burly forestry roads outside of Los Angeles. With clearance up to 50mm tires, it delivers versatility for bike packing or just providing confidence through handling for any type of riding. Aether Finishing in Santa Barbara does the Pray For Rain finish on the frame.