Genuine. Innovative. Original. Craig Calfee is a pioneer in carbon and bamboo frame design, manufacturing and repair. The first to offer custom frames in carbon fiber back in 1987, Calfee continues to push the high tech craftsman envelope, exploring the possibilities of carbon with new materials such as hemp and bamboo. Calfee offers numerous related product and services including the industry’s leading Carbon Repair Service, Di2 Internal Battery and Wiring System, Sizer Cycle as well as a full carbon BarStem.

Craig has a form-follows-function philosophy and aesthetic that is shown in the materials selection and construction method. He chose carbon fiber because it has the best qualities for building bicycle frames: highest stiffness to weight ratio and comfortable vibration damping. The decorative aspects are limited to painting. He chose bamboo as the resultant bicycle frames are very stiff, transferring power efficiently; are durable, resisting damage from stress and impacts; are comfortable, surpassing aluminum, steel, titanium and most carbon frames in smoothness. Frame Design is governed by purity of purpose and they look good because they achieve the purpose. Frame and fork alignment are a particular focus as is long-term structural integrity. This approach is inspired by nature, where all living forms evolved to perform a particular purpose. If they don’t perform, they don’t survive.

Calfee Design
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