Boo Bicycles handcrafts bicycles using the finest bamboo in the world.  The bamboo is so strong it is nicknamed ‘Iron Bamboo’ and is commonly used to build bridges and multi-story scaffolding in Vietnam where it is grown on their private plantation.

Why bamboo?
Bamboo is a composite material, meaning it is made of multiple substances whose properties combine to create something with unique traits.  A bamboo tube is comprised of vascular bundles (fibers) which transport water and nutrients and give the tube its structure and strength, and lignin, an insulating material between the fibers. As a result of the dense fibers, bamboo is incredibly stiff (stronger by weight than steel). Bamboo is also excellent at dampening high-frequency vibration because of the fleshy lignin in between the fibers – four times better than carbon fiber. Imagine a bike that is both stiff and strong, yet supple over the rough stuff and compliant for handling in the corners – that’s a Boo. Like a fine whiskey, the raw inputs, aging and procurement processes, and hand-craftsmanship required to produce high-quality bamboo bicycle frames are intensive and take years to develop.

Boo Bicycles
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