Dario Colombo started pedaling when he was five years old: a Yellow, 16″ fixed gear bike. He fell off nearly instantly, skinned his knee and began to cry. Despite his traumatic start, his love of bicycles lead him to study mobility, biomechanics, engineering, mechanics and finally framebuilding. He arrived at this final step because he needed a 29er bike to be able to hit the trails and divide routes. He developed a feverish passion for cyclocross and gravel (preferably singlespeed) and now that he feels like he’s almost reached adulthood, he’s decided to launch himself into road cycling. One frame at a time, drawing from his experience in the field and studying the needs of each of his customers, he’s explored the entire panorama of cycling, even if he still rides his grandma’s rusty Graziella to go by bread. Dario continues to build frames with love because he strongly believes that you should Know the Hands that Made your Frame.

Bice Bicycles

Verderio, Italy 23879

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