Rosko Cycles LLC

Seth Rosko builds steel frames quietly in Brooklyn with little fan-fare or publicity. As a bike builder, he draws on his experience racing and fabricating vintage motorcycles, and his many years of work under the Brooklyn Machine Works (known for their Gangsta Track, DH and park bikes) banner. Since setting off on his own, Seth […]

Reeb Cycles

REEB was founded in 2011 by some folks at Oskar Blues Brewery who eat, breathe, and sweat bikes. When the boss man’s old bike was stolen, the do-it-yourself mentality that pervades OB took over, and a bike company was born. They knew that they could make the bikes they dream about, and get people excited about them […]

Crema Cycles

With roots in BMX, a long history in competitive cycling and having ridden for some of the marquee builders to include Brodie, Sycip and Independent Fabrication, Crema produces some of the finest handcrafted steel racing frames. With the focus is on performance, Ken Bloomer tailors each frame to suit each customer. Each frame is wrapped […]

Black Cat Bicycles

Todd Ingermanson lives in Aptos, California, where he builds bicycle frames. He loves ABBA, but hates Steely Dan. Likes fruit, but not fruit flavored things. He rides bikes as fast as he can, but not at a race. Enjoys traveling, but sightings of him out of his shop are rare. Drinks bourbon, but never scotch. He doesn’t like to shave, but […]

44 Bikes

Few things are more satisfying than riding a bicycle and the shared experience of the trail. Nestled among the mountains of Northern New England, Kristofer Henry is lucky to draw inspiration from a vast network of dirt roads and single track. Passion and experience are poured into every hand crafted, custom tig welded bicycle frames […]

Independent Fabrication

Operating in scenic Newmarket, NH, Independent Fabrication (IF) is a small collective of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds. For some, IF is an outlet for creative expression, while for others it is more about the mechanical or technical aspects of fabricating a precision machine. Each member of the team regards bike-building as an honorable profession […]

Bice Bicycles

Dario Colombo started pedaling when he was five years old: a Yellow, 16″ fixed gear bike. He fell off nearly instantly, skinned his knee and began to cry. Despite his traumatic start, his love of bicycles lead him to study mobility, biomechanics, engineering, mechanics and finally framebuilding. He arrived at this final step because he […]

Spectrum Cycles

Spectrum Cycles was originally founded to produce the highest quality custom steel and titanium frames and bicycles in the world. With this singular goal, Spectrum founder and president Tom Kellogg began building frames under the Spectrum name in 1982. In 1985 Tom employed Master Signature frame builder and long-time friend Jeff Duser. Today the Spectrum […]

Seneca Cycle Works

Seneca Cycle Works is a custom bicycle shop run by Jesse Fox. Jesse has been building bicycle frames since 2006. After many years of honing his skills as a professional bicycle mechanic, shop manager, fitter and teacher in bike shops across the USA, he worked as the bicycle frame designer at Independent Fabrication from 2010-2013. In 2014, […]

Appleman Bicycles

Appleman Bicycles is a one-man shop that builds custom carbon fiber bikes. Raw, clean, and minimalistic design is paired with advanced composites engineering for a one-of-a-kind ride. Appleman Bicycles2718 E 27th StMinneapolis, MN 55406

Ellis Cycles

Dave Wages started riding and racing seriously in his teens, wrenched in several bike shops through the high school and college years and finally found himself at Serotta Cycles in the mid 90’s. He was fortunate to learn from some of the finest builders and in 2000, moved to SE Wisconsin for a job with […]

Kualis Cycles

KUALIS CYCLES was started in 2012 by Yoshi Nishikawa. Yoshi had experience building nearly 4000 frames in Japan and the US before opening the doors for Kualis. When drawing customer’s geometry, KUALIS carefully chooses tubes specifically for each customer. Tubing design is necessary to provide a customer with the proper stiffness and balance of a […]