Vanilla Workshop Speedvagen

At the heart of the Vanilla Workshop is owner, designer and bicycle frame builder Sacha White. Sacha started building bicycles in the winter of 1999 and is now a pioneering member of the new generation of frame builders. He brings his own experiences as a cyclist and craftsman into the mix to create a company whose […]

Crisp Titanium

Darren Crisp has been fabricating with specialty metals for over two decades. Originally from Texas, Darren started his career in architecture and design getting his roots working as a blacksmith for a sculptor in Mississippi. In 1997 he moved his gear to the heart of Tuscany where he’s been building custom high-end titanium frames full […]

Alchemy Bicycles

Alchemy Bicycle Co. makes handmade bikes that push the limits of design and engineering to deliver a bike that’s built and ride-tuned to the individual rider. Each employee at Alchemy is a true craftsman and strive to deliver nothing short of a work of art. What it really comes down to, though, is how it […]

Field Cycles

Field Cycles was founded in steel city Sheffield UK by Harry Harrison with the aim to build the most beautiful bicycles possible. The key to this is the input of super talented individuals, luckily bicycles are like catnip to creative energetic types and Field Cycles is now a thriving collaboration between four people: maker, designer, […]


Based in Prague, Festka enjoys the long industrial tradition of central Europe and make products of brilliant quality. Thanks to a passion for frame crafting and bike building that is bordering on obsession, they attracted the best to work with them. The customer is included in the birth process of their custom bike and works […]


Mariposa is hand built bicycle manufacturer.  At Mariposa, craftsman focus on one bike at a time. From the first frame hand built in 1969, Mariposa has been about one goal: building the ideal bicycle for the customer. Unlike most bicycles, which are produced by machines on assembly lines, Mariposas have always been handbuilt by cyclists […]

Wittson Cycles

Already well known as a frame-builder for COLNAGO, Vidmantas “Vitas” Zukauskas has been building best-selling frames from the mid-90s, going by the names Monotitan, Ovaltitan, Ovalmaster, Master BiTitan, CT1, etc.These works of master craftsmanship are broadly recognized and their quality speaks for itself. As COLNAGO moved on to Asia and carbon frame production, Vitas continued […]

Cyclo Bicycles

Established in 2011, Cyclo Bicycles is a custom handmade steel and titanium frames bicycle brand. Designed in the heart of Pyrenees, our obsession is   to build you a bicycle that surpasses your cycling needs, a bicycle you will want to ride as much as you can, a bicycle that will make you smile. Because bicycles are […]

Caletti Cycles

Caletti Cycles are made by John Caletti in his workshop nestled between the sea and the coastal mountains. Known for a clean, modern design, Caletti makes custom fit road, cross, mountain and the ever popular “adventure road” style bikes in titanium and steel for discerning riders.


Based in Dublin, Ireland, FiftyOne builds handcrafted carbon fibre racing bikes. Every single bike that is produced has its own name and its own story. You can tell your own story, with a FiftyOne.

Sage Titanium Bicycles

Founded in 2013, Sage Titanium Bicycles is located in the cycling mecca of Portland, Oregon. Handcrafted in the United States, Sage Titanium Bicycles is driven by its passion to create the highest quality, best performing titanium bicycles in the world. Forged on the roads in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Sage Titanium Bicycles combines […]

Victoire Cycles

Victoire is a French company founded in 2011 and based in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne. We build tailor-made bicycles. Each bike that comes out of our workshop is unique, designed and built to suit the client’s needs, morphology and riding. A Victoire bike is a very personal object that is specially designed to go with his owner […]